The academic correspondents act as intermediaries between the FGYO and the academic institutions. They do so by accompanying teachers and representatives from the institutions, as much for the organization as to elaborate on the Franco-German exchange programs.

In France, correspondents include the inspecteur.e.s academiques – inspecteur.e.s pédagogiques régionaux.nales, the academic inspectors and regional pedagogical inspectors (IA-IPR), in charge of the German language programs in their académie, as well as the délégué.e.s aux relations européennes et internationales et à la cooperation (DAREIC), the Delegates to European and international relations and cooperation responsible for international relations for the schools and who manage the international and European programs.

In Germany, the Austausch- und Fremdsprachenreferenten (the referees for exchange programs and foreign languages), are partners of the FGYO in the Ministries of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder.

The Fremdsprachenreferenten are involved in the continuous improvement of partner language teaching in schools.

The Austauschreferenten are responsible for international relations in the academic work of the Länder and support the implementation of educational programs in Europe and internationally.

This network of Franco-German academic players is an essential element in the success of the FGYO and its strategy implementation. Every year, the FGYO holds a gathering to bring these subsidiaries together to discuss the organisation and its roles in educational mobility.