The i-EVAL platform

Since its inception, the FGYO has reinforced the importance of evaluating international youth exchanges. i-EVAL is an evaluation tool for you to find the answers to your questions within the context of these exchanges. You will be provided with insight on whether you achieved your original objectives over the course of the exchanges. The tool is offered for free to youth exchange organizers.


i-EVAL was designed and created in close cooperation with other youth organizations:

-         the Polish-German Youth Office (PGYO),

-         the German Federation of Associations for Cultural Youth Education (BKR),

-         the project “Freizeitenevaluation” (Youth camp evaluation),

-         the IJAB (International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany).

How to use i-EVAL?

The young participants answer online questionnaires on a desktop, a smartphone or any other device with Internet access.

Staff may also answer questionnaires so you can take their perspective into consideration.

To use the platform and answer questionnaires, an account must be created with an email address and a password. Afterwards, website navigation is quite intuitive and any data will be considered anonymous.

What are the benefits of this platform?

-         Encouraging participants

By getting involved in the evaluation, the young exchange participants are an integral part of improving the organization and feel like they are actively making a difference. They are players in their exchange until the end.

-         Questionnaires that are pre-made but flexible

This tool includes precise and scientifically-tested evaluation questionnaires that poll important elements of a youth exchange such as group dynamic or language and intercultural learning and that can be elaborated upon by the user.

To accommodate the user’s preferred language, i-EVAL is available in French, German, Polish, and English.

-         Immediate results

The data is then compiled and presented in clear and summarized tables and graphics, to allow the results to be read and analyzed clearly.

Using i-EVAL, you can print questionnaires, input the collected data and complete a cross evaluation of many exchanges with the same organization.

-         Improve exchanges

The feedback from participants and facilitators allows for an objective and clear evaluation of exchanges and to improve them if necessary.

With i-EVAL, you understand the quality of organized exchanges and the effect they have on participants. You also value and recognize the organizers input, thanks to a simple and effective tool.

Information and contact

For more information regarding international youth exchange evaluations or to access the online questionnaires, visit

The publication “Exchanges that open perspectives” (available in French, German, and Polish) is available to download online or in paper format.

Sandrine Debrosse-Lucht
Phone: +49 (0) 30 288 757 23