‘Franco-German’ means ‘European’

In youth encounters, young people acquaint themselves with other languages and cultures while acquiring key skills for Europe. Shaped by the idea of a Europe of diversity, young people can and should live the idea of cross-border solidarity and tolerance. They should strengthen their European identity and help make the world’s unique peace project of Europe fit for the future.  

The FGYO would like to share with other countries the experience of Franco-German remembrance and peace work initiated in 1963, thus contributing to peaceful dialogue, reconciliation and conflict prevention. The FGYO also promotes encounters with young people from Europe whose home countries currently face a variety of challenges (countries in crisis situations).

Preview Participantes et participants à "Youth for Peace"
Participantes et participants à "Youth for Peace"
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Selecting the third partner

Accordingly, the current situation of the three countries involved and the needs of the participants should be taken into account when selecting a third partner country for an exchange project. Projects with other countries must address current political and social issues. These include, for example, youth unemployment, vocational training, flight from distress, displacement, Euroscepticism or populism. What is important is that the project topics directly affect the life situations of young people and hold promise to exert a positive influence. 

Preview Jeunes participant à une pièce de théâtre
Jeunes participant à une pièce de théâtre
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Applications for trilateral projects with countries in crisis are possible only through FGYO funding. The funding application must be sent directly to the FGYO office responsible for the crisis in question. The decisive factor here is whether the proposed project is a school-based, extracurricular, career-related or university-based exchange or course of further training.

Preview Le mot "paix" dans plusieurs langues
Le mot "paix" dans plusieurs langues
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