The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) financially supports your projects and helps you with organizational and administrative issues. Here you will find information about funding conditions and available amounts, as well as useful information to make a successful application.

The most important information about administrative aspects

Here you will find information about administrative aspects and our funding guidelines. Extensive documentation and help for finding a French or German partner organization are at your disposal.

Trinational Extracurricular Exchange

At any given moment - Germany

  • 1.11.2017 - 11.11.2027, France (in progress)

Would you like to organize an extracurricular exchange with partners from France and Germany? Work with German and French associations and help young people become familiar with foreign languages and intercultural cooperation!

Organize youth meetings around culture and the arts

Do you organize activities in the fields of music, drama, cinema, dance, painting or another art form? Bring together young talent from different countries. During an extracurricular cultural exchange, the participants work on a creative project with like-minded children and teenagers and get to know the culture and language of the partner country.

At all times - Germany

  • 1.8.2018 - 30.8.2029, France (in progress)

Organize a youth exchange with participants from France and Germany with a focus on music, drama, dance, cinema, photography and other visual and fine arts.

Organize youth meetings around science and technology

Do you want to give children and young people an opportunity to interact with their peers from France and Germany and to learn more about topics like physics, geography, computer science, or multimedia? The FGYO supports intercultural exchanges projects about innovation and technology.

At all times - France

  • 1.8.2018 - 30.8.2028, Germany (in progress)

You would like to give young people with an interest in STEM-subjects the opportunity to participate in an intercultural youth exchange? Then organize a science exchange project and benefit from the support of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

Organize sports youth meetings

Do you work in a sports club and are interested in getting involved in international youth sports? Organize an exchange around a sport that brings together participants from different countries.

At all times - Germany

  • 8.8.2019 - 30.8.2029, France (in progress)

Are you working at a sports club and interested in getting involved in international youth sports? Canoeing, kayaking, handball or basketball – all sports are suitable for an international youth exchange!

Organize youth meetings within the framework of city partnerships

Do you have a partner organization active in a Franco-German city partnership? The FGYO supports your projects. These youth exchanges organized together with partners from France and Germany are a great experience for the participants and strengthen civil society.

At any given moment - France

Do you want to get involved in international projects in the framework of or in cooperation with French and German city partnerships? The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) wants to support you in this endeavor.

Organize an exchange in cooperation with a school

Would you like to organize a project with partners from France and Germany, which goes beyond the framework of a classic extracurricular group exchange? With Focus, the FGYO promotes projects of schools and associations which combine aspects and activities of formal and non-formal education. Innovative projects initiated by young people under 21 can also join the Young Europeans Award.

At any given moment - France

  • 8.11.2017 - 24.11.2027, Germany (in progress)

Benefit from the advantages of formal and non-formal education through FOCUS.

Organize an educational programme or a training course

By offering educational programs and training courses based on approaches and methods that help facilitators and other youth work professionals to develop their pedagogic, linguistic and intercultural skills, you are laying the groundwork for future successful international youth exchanges. The FGYO supports you by funding your projects and also provides a wide range of educational materials and methods.

At all times - Germany

  • 1.11.2017 - 1.11.2018, France (past)

Working within an association or organisation that is looking to offer intercultural training?