The FGYO networks

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The FGYO’s Young Ambassadors

Young people from France and Germany who are actively involved in extending and deepening the Franco-German friendship while representing the FGYO at regional events.

FGYO Info Points

Information booths situated in our partner organizations’ buildings where one can get all the relevant information about exchange opportunities and the FGYO's activities in general. / Francemobil

Young French and German animators that criss-cross France and Germany respectively in order to promote their own culture and language in schools and inform the students of exchange possibilities.

Pedagogical staff

Intermediaries between the FGYO and youth organisations that play a vital role in the preparation and evaluation of Franco-German and international exchanges in their respective federations and associations.

French regional correspondents and representatives of the German Länder

Points of contact for international youth exchange programs in the French regions and German federal states in charge of handling the applications for funding for these programs, including those of the FGYO.

Academic correspondants

Intermediaries between the FGYO and the academic institutions that accompany teachers and representatives from the institutions, as much for the organization as to elaborate on the Franco-German exchange programmes.

Student unions (CNOUS / Studentenwerke)
Diversity and participation

As a social contact point for the structural issues of inequality and discrimination against young people, The network Diversity and Participation is committed to diversity and participation.

Travail chez le partenaire

Le programme Travail chez le partenaire permet de renforcer la coopération entre des institutions de France de l'Allemagne. Il permet un véritable tremplin dans la vie professionnelle.