The regional correspondents (correspondant.e.s régionaux.nales) in France are the points of contact for international youth exchange programs, the representatives of the German Länder (Ländervertreter) are also in charge of handling the applications for funding for these programs, including those of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO).

In Germany, the representatives work either in the ministries or the regional administrations dealing with youth affairs and/or youth work, depending on the (Bundes)land. In France, the regional correspondents are part of the regional administrations dealing with youth, sports and social affairs

The German representatives receive the applications for funding from organizations that are not affiliated to a Zentralstelle of an umbrella organization. The French correspondents’ role is to provide information, consulting and evaluations regarding Franco-German youth programs.

Both observe and evaluate youth meetings funded by the FGYO that take place in their région or Land. They help the projects’ organizers by providing input regarding the contents and pedagogical concepts of their programs and represent the FGYO on a local and regional level.

The constant dialogue and exchange with the correspondents and representatives is important to the FGYO which organizes annual meetings and conferences with both networks.

List of regional correspondents

Liste of representatives of the German Länder