With key topics such as sustainable development, integration through sport and cultural encounters, youth participation and political education, this resumption plan aims to help young people enter the labour market and to assist those who are in particular need of support and thus suffering particularly from the impacts of the crisis.

The plan provides for innovations and extensions of the DFJW programme offer already in place: It will include short-term programmes for individual exchange, for example, together with digital school partnerships and the development of a charter for ‘green mobility’.

The purpose of this three-year plan, unprecedented in the history of FGYO, is to permit a renewed increase in the numbers of programme participants, as envisioned under the Treaty of Aachen. The aim is that, when the Elysée Treaty and the FGYO celebrate their 60th anniversary in 2023, there will be at least 200,000 young people participating in Franco-German youth encounters each year.

The resumption plan at a glance


  • Accelerating the exit from the crisis
  • Permitting intercultural exchange among young people
  • Resuming the momentum created under the Treaty of Aachen and reach at least as many young people through FGYO programmes as were reached before the pandemic
  • Supporting all FGYO partners that implement Franco-German and trilateral programmes

Target audience

  •  All partners of the FGYO
  • Reaching all young people up to the age of 30 – regardless of whether they are in school, in vocational training or in search of a job – in the extracurricular field, regardless of their areas of interest. Special attention will be devoted to young people:
  • with little or no access to Franco-German exchange programmes
  • with a particular need for assistance, who have been particularly hard-hit by the crisis
  • young people embarking on careers and job-seekers
  • children under 12 years of age, in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of exchanges and encounters 

Our mission

  • To promote discovery of the language and culture of the other country in an effort to awaken a desire to go abroad
  • To give young people an opportunity to participate in the construction of Europe, supporting their commitment on behalf of a strong civil society
  • To foster young people’s dedication to sustainable development
  • To promote exchange as a springboard into the career world
  • To promote integration and emancipation through sports
  • To enrich youth exchange through the use of digital tools and methods
  • To simplify access to programmes and grants


  •  The Franco-German Prize for ‘Career and Future’, presented to initiatives in vocational education and training in partnership with the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • New cultural projects such as Atelier Panormos, a Franco-German-Italian artist-in-residence initiative in Palermo
  • Individual short-exchange programmes
  • Franco-German programmes and activities in the context of vacances apprenantes (Holidays for the learning of the French language)
  • Conference on the Future of Europe, in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB)
  • Digital learning materials for the creation of a European culture of remembrance
  • Charter for green mobility
  • ‘Eco-action’ competition to promote commitment and education on behalf of environmental protection and sustainable development

You can also find all of this information at a glance in our info graphic.