ASED has been working with various NGOs in different parts of the world, but it has been especially working with interesting networks such as la Francophonie , Anna Lindh Foundation, Erasmus +program, it has taken part in many trainings organised by SaltoEuromed that took place in different parts of Europe. Through our various activities , we try to provide opportunities for Tunisian young people so as to take part in national as well as international mobility youth work activities including training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, voluntary work. We also actively seek to involve more young Tunisians in community life locally, nationally and internationally. We strongly believe that such activities would help Tunisian young people build their personality, enhance their sense of solidarity, sharing, tolerance , acceptance of differences, openness,etc . Our main target is young Tunisians aged between 15 and 30 years. Our main activities are creating clubs in cooperation with various partner organizations dealing with various topics (social, environmental , cultural, etc ) , organising circles of debate and discussions for young people to discuss current issues having to do with youth interests but also to introduce them to questions like fight against racism , xenophobia and segregation, understanding citizenship and active participation in civil society, culture of peace , democracy, mutual respect of human rights and tolerance. We also organize training sessions and skills development trainings related to the aforementioned themes.