Intercultural life is an active association in the field of non-formal education. With our projects, seminars and workshops we offer the framework for a permanent and creative learning that allows the individual to develop their interaction, reflection and social action skills. We promote intercultural learning, citizen participation, tolerance and mutual respect, equality of gender opportunities, integration of marginal groups and / or at risk of exclusion, respect for the environment, foment of a way of tourism in a responsible manner, as well as the learning of social and personal skills. We address to different groups, with a special focus on young people with fewer opportunities and people who work with young people as educators or social workers, teachers, etc. We are part of the Granada volunteering platform, the Intercultural Networks project, a network of entities active in the field of interculturality and migration at the Andalusian level, and the MER network, which coordinates and organizes joint activities of European volunteers in different organizations in the Euro-Mediterranean countries, with the aim of promoting interculturality, peaceful coexistence and respect for human rights through non-formal education. Regarding the topic of eco-tourism and responsible tourism, we collaborate with the ecological rural hostel "La Choza de Trasmulas", which is a Center for Lifelong Learning. Our association works in the field of rural development, and we believe that eco-tourism can be a good way to promote and revalue life in rural areas. At the same time, our headquarters are located in Trasmulas, a small town in Granada and we are very committed to revaluing the "empty" part of our country, which has a great natural and patrimonial value.