Bilgi ve Beceri Dernegi (Knowledge and Skill Association) has established with the aim of helping increase the knowledge and skills of individuals from all walks of life. It is very important for our association to help individuals maintain their personal and professional development. We believe that the way of being a producing country and society is by increasing the capacities of individuals. We have also professional knowledge and experience as a reliable partner to offer many different projects and programs in Europe (Erasmus+) and to advise against any problems that applicants may have. In the activities of our association, the young people from all continents and culture come together to exchange ideas and form friendship and professional connections.

Our main goal is : 

  • to provide knowledge and skills for youth and to facilate mobilities
  • to break down the prejudices on cultures, nations, religions etc.
  • to improve personal and professional development for the group member and youngsters 
  • to find solutions for social inclusion within both national and international projects