Academic Seminars

You are a student and interested in a university exchange program with France and Germany? The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) funds academically-oriented short projects and seminars that are organized by universities to foster the academic exchang


Are you currently a student or enrolled in a PhD program and would like to participate in a short-term academic exchange with your peers from France and Germany? We want to give you the chance to spend time abroad to take part in a project or an international seminar.

The FGYO’s funding program aims to support international cooperation between universities and increase student mobility between partner countries.

You will have the opportunity to experience life at universities in France and Germany first hand and learn about the everyday academic life and practices of your peers by working with them.

We offer funding for a wide range of programs. Specific examples for funded university exchange programs include international scientific seminars, dynamic workshops or summer universities. 

The programs are usually organized by university lecturers and the academic framework is central to their eligibility for the FGYO’s student mobility funding. Examples include the joint work on a university newspaper, student business consulting initiatives or projects for networking purposes. It is also possible for student initiatives or associations to send in their applications.   

Meet young people from France and Germany
Young people under 31
11.1.2018 - 31.12.2028, Germany (in progress)
11.1.2018 - 31.12.2029, France (in progress)
Duration of the program
4-21 days
Topics that interest me
Intercultural training, Culture, Language / Communication
Financial support
Allowances for travel, accommodation, and program expenses; linguistic preparation is possible
Registration details


Further information
  • Applications can be sent anytime during the year

Advantages of the program

Stay in France or Germany

As a participant, you will have the chance to stay in France or Germany and experience life in another country. This is particularly beneficial if you are considering studying abroad or taking part in a long-term university exchange program.

Higher Education

Your trip to France or Germany is not just about getting to know the language and culture of these countries, but also about experiencing similarities and differences between the different systems of higher education.

European Research Community

You will have the chance to network with the next generation of French and German scientists and researchers. Use this opportunity for an academic exchange and discuss current research topics and approaches.

How to sign up

Are you interested in a trilateral academic exchange program with Germany and France?

Find partner institutions in France and Germany who will submit the application form with a description of the project and to the FGYO office in Paris for consideration.

The application for funding must be filed by the higher education institute from the country where the project is going to be based. It is necessary for the submitted form to contain an original signature and the institute’s official stamp.

A maximum number of 25 participants (excluding accompanying staff) is eligible for funding and it is important that an equal number of students and/or PhD candidates from the participating countries are involved in the individual projects.

We give preferential treatment to new projects between French and German universities, or to applications from federal states where Franco-German cooperation is eligible for further development, as well as to programs that are eligible for recognition by the home universities (ECTS).   

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