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          Brochures about the FGYO
          Lessons learned - Franco-German relations as inspiration: Strengthening dialogue and joint action of young citizens across borders
          Published by FGYO the 12.7.2018
          FGYO-supported training courses
          Published by FGYO the 2.11.2017
          Integration and equal opportunities / Intégration et égalité des chances / Integration und Chancengleichheit
          Published by FGYO the 30.8.2017
          Brochures about the FGYO
          FGYO institutional brochure
          Published by FGYO the 30.8.2017
          Civic commitment / Engagement citoyen / Bürgerengagement
          Published by FGYO the 29.8.2017
          FGYO magazine #1.2015
          Published by FGYO the 13.8.2017