A network to assist you in all aspects of exchanges

We have set up a network of independent, qualified consultants that can answer a variety of questions regarding Franco-German and trilateral youth exchanges. If you organize an exchange within your association, institution or school, they can assist you at each stage of your project, from preparation to evaluation.


This support is aimed at assisting in the implementation and development of international youth exchange programs and ensuring their pedagogical quality.

The FGYO encourages new partners to get engaged in international exchanges, to support international teams that have little intercultural experience and to allow experienced organizers to rethink and renew their pedagogical practice.


Currently, the network is made up of fifteen professionals with FGYO-specific training and:

  • knowledge in German and French,
  • knowledge of organizational structures,
  • intercultural competencies,
  • experience in leadership training and pedagogical knowledge of Franco-German or international exchanges,
  • experience planning and implementation of Franco-German or trilateral exchanges.


The consultants can intervene during any stage of the Franco-German and trilateral exchanges financed by the FGYO, whether during preparation, on the spot during the program or during evaluation to advise Franco-German and international teams. Within their scope of intervention, they may advise on organization material and provide guidance regarding pedagogical, intercultural, or team management matters. Their intervention can aid in:

  • developing your project, coming up with new ideas, planning goals,
  • better adapting your exchange programs to fit the needs of your target audience,
  • surmounting administrative difficulties,
  • improving the pedagogical quality of your international youth exchanges,
  • exploring new methods of intercultural and language learning
  • clarifying and avoiding intercultural misunderstandings,
  • clarifying and assigning tasks and functions throughout the team.

How to benefit from consulting for youth exchanges

For advice on your exchange program, whether you are facing intercultural obstacles or you are just looking to improve on some practical elements, our consultants are readily available. Here is how to contact our consultants and obtain a grant as a part of the FGYO.

 How to contact the consultants

The FGYO provides you with a list of consultants along with their competencies and fields of work. You can then choose and contact the person of your choice to elaborate upon your mission, the duration and budget of the project during the first telephone interview.


To obtain a grant, forward a simplified grant request to the FGYO. The FGYO grants a maximum of €180 by day for a maximum of two days (can be non-consecutive) and twice scheduled rate for transport costs. A 60% deposit can be payed after receipt of the request with the remaining amount being deposited after settlement processing. This is to be sent within one month after the aid and includes:

  • an expense receipt,
  • organization report,
  • consultant report.

Organization involvement

The organizations that benefit from this aid follow certain base rules to ensure an efficient intervention of consultants. You would have to:

  • pay the expected compensation (the net compensation will correspond to at least the FGYO grant) on time, and if possible immediately after the intervention,
  • organize and take care of the consultant’s accommodation and food of the during her or his intervention,
  • reimburse the actual travel expenses and pay the difference if they exceed the amount provided by the FGYO.