Offers from the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO)

With this in mind, the FGYO offers a wide range of tools for organisations, institutions, associations, schools, youth leaders, organisers, and pedagogical teams.

The FGYO provides support at all levels of the exchanges: from planning and preparation to implementation and final evaluation. You have the opportunity to work with intercultural consultants and youth leaders, to participate in intercultural training courses or to use our offered teaching materials and methods.

Youth Exchange Consultants

Qualified intercultural consultants are available for associations, federations, and schools that have little to no experience in Franco-German or trilateral exchanges. They work to guide you through the preparation process, during the exchange and during final evaluations.

The FGYO’s Trainers’ Pool

If you are look for qualified youth leaders for your established exchange project, consult our trainers’ pool for FGYO-certified and dual-certified BAFA-JuLeiCa youth leaders.

 Intercultural Training

The FGYO and its partner organisations offer opportunities in youth leader training and qualification with courses, offered by various partners, on teaching and language training during exchanges.

Teaching Materials and Methods

We also offer a variety of educational material and methods to our partner organisations. These tools, including exchange pedagogy and intercultural learning textbooks, were deemed necessary by educators in language animation or tandem learning.

Online i-EVAL Platform

For an effective and autonomous evaluation of youth exchange, the FGYO offers a multilingual platform.

FGYO Intercultural Blog

On the FGYO’s intercultural blog, you will find details on the FGYO’s activities, programs, and events, as well as project ideas and information on Franco-German cooperation.

Publications, research and evaluation

The FGYO supports Franco-German research groups who study and evaluate youth meetings from a scientific perspective. If you want to know more about intercultural learning and international youth meetings, you can order or download the publications.