The FGYO’s trainers’ pool: qualified youth leaders for your exchanges

The FGYO and its partners offer initial and continued training courses in the intercultural youth work sector. Upon completing said trainings, facilitators may receive FGYO certification or Franco-German dual certification with the BAFA-JuLeiCa-qualification.

Are you working with French or German organizations and looking to find facilitators trained in an intercultural context? Refer to our trainers’ pool of FGYO facilitators trained in leading and hosting youth exchanges.


FGYO trainers’ roles and responsibilities


-          Intercultural facilitators: FGYO-certified professionals in youth leadership


Intercultural youth exchange facilitators have benefited from Franco-German or trilateral training sessions of two to three weeks and have completed placements in the field. They have learned how to prepare and organize exchanges within intercultural teams while utilizing methods and language tools in order to ensure the utmost learning opportunities for participants. They are also trained in conducting language animation activities and evaluating exchanges.


-          BAFA-JuLeiCa certificate holders

BAFA-JuLeiCa certificate holders have taken part in a two-week Franco-German program that meets the legal requirements for the diploma Jugendleiter/in Card in Germany and the Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur (BAFA) in France. They have also completed a practical placement and are prepared to lead youth groups, whether in a national or binational context. BAFA-Juleica certificate holders place emphasis on preparing youth meetings methodically, with a focus on the linguistic and intercultural dimension.


-          FGYO-certified group interpreters


Group interpreters are specialized in interpreting for intercultural groups and have completed a nine-day bilateral training session. During that time, they are trained in intercultural mediation and communication and in interpreting their language pairings with the goal of translating simultaneously during exchanges to ensure a mutual understanding in an intercultural setting.


-        FGYO-certified language animation providers

Language animation providers have completed a minimum of a four-day bilateral training session. They were trained in implementing appropriated methods for an organization and linguistic activities within a youth exchange.


Facilitators often hold other certifications, have additional relevant qualifications and experience that they bring to the table in their work.


Find a facilitator to lead an international youth encounter

Members of your French or German partner organizations can request access to our trainers’ pools. After registration, they can send a mass request to all facilitators. Users have the possibility of filtering not only according to language skills and place of residence, but also according to thematic specialization, additional qualifications and experience of each profile.


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