Whether you are developing or organizing a trilateral school exchange with Germany and France, want to revive existing partnerships or want to develop your own educational and professional skills, the FGYO supports you with a wide range of training courses for teachers.

Courses and seminars for teachers and language instructors

The advanced training for teachers provides you with methods that allow you order to make the most of the educational, linguistic and intercultural potential of an exchange. You share your approaches and experiences with colleagues from France and Germany, have the chance to test new methods and to simulate exchange projects together.
Training Courses for Teachers Training Courses for Teachers

Training Courses for Teachers

At any time - Germany

  • 1.1.2019 - 1.11.2027, France (in progress)

Are you a teacher who would like to organize an international school exchange or revitalize an existing partnership with partner s...

Courses and certificates for trainers, facilitators and youth work professionals

The FGYO offers training courses and certificates for intercultural youth leaders and facilitators. The different training courses available prepare the participants for the various tasks they are expected to perform during a youth exchange. The training courses are designed to complement each other and to address linguistic, intercultural and pedagogic subjects.
Intercultural Youth Leaders Intercultural Youth Leaders

Intercultural Youth Leaders

At all times - France

  • 1.8.2018 - 31.8.2029, Germany (in progress)

Organize and conduct intercultural meet-ups for young people from France, Germany and other countries!