The EU enlargement in 2004 of 10 new Member States and the accession of Bulgaria and Romania in 2007, as well as Croatia 2013, were historical moments for the coming together of European countries and peoples. The trilateral exchange programs of the Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) have contributed to this cultural tightening of relations through youth meetings and have supported European cohesion through programs in Central and Eastern Europe. The subsidized trilateral encounters are aimed at young people who are committed to civil society and who want to make a difference in their home countries, as well as across Europe. Common values of the EU, such as tolerance, solidarity and equal opportunities, should be brought to the forefront of the younger generations’ attention, who will continue to appreciate and uphold them in the future. The FGYO supports projects with Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


The trilateral meetings with partners from Central and Eastern Europe, like bilateral programs, are intended to contribute to a better understanding of other cultures, as well as the participants’ own. The FGYO’s programs are adapted to the various situations in the respective Central and Eastern European countries. Trilateral youth meetings should be project-based and in line with the FGYO’s directives. (Socio-)political issues are the focus behind the trilateral programs.

Each year, in consultation with the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères),  several thematic key areas particularly relevant for the CEE-Special Fund (see below) are set out, usually covering the following topics:

  • strengthening of democracy and human rights,
  • development of civil society,
  • vocational training programs, career advancement and mobility,
  • protection of the environment and climate,
  • past and future of the CEE countries in Europe.

The thematic key areas for the current year can be found in the call for applications.

Projet example 'What did 1989 change for us? Youth Perspectives from France, Germany and Slovenia'

Application procedure

For projects with Central and Eastern European countries, you can apply directly via the FGYO or via the CEE-Special Fund. For detailed information on the differences between the two types of financing, see the overview of trilateral programs.

The CEE-Special Fund

Focusing on the thematic key areas is essential for an application for the special fund. The selected youth exchange programs are characterized by their pioneering nature and are innovative projects with a strong emphasis on current affairs and topics concerning foreign policy.

The period for the application via the online form (to be filed out by the French or German partner) runs from early September to 1st November of each year for projects in the following year. Please follow all indicated steps. You can find here the application text for the CEE-Special Fund 2024.

Application for FGYO-funding

Applications for FGYO-funding for trilateral projects should be sent with the completed application form directly to the relevant department at the FGYO, depending on whether it is a school exchange, an extracurricularprofessional or university exchange or a project in further education.

Please note that special rules apply for applications with participants from Germany, France and Poland, as these are supported by the FGYO, as well as by the German-Polish Youth Office (DPFW/PNWM).

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