The photo was taken during the 15th session of the Board of Governors on January 21st, 2020.

The Board of Governors at the FGYO is responsible for decision making regarding priority measures, programs and reports, and adopting guidelines for grant attribution. Its sessions are held annually, alternately in France and Germany, as well as each time presidents Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, and Christine Lambrecht, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in Germany, deem it necessary.

 The Board of Governors is composed of 14 members and their respective representatives with their terms lasting three years. Both Ministers in Youth Affairs or their representatives chair the board while the other 12 are appointed by both governments. Their roles include:

  • six representatives in public administration: one for each Ministry of Youth Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Finance of each country,
  • two representatives from territorial authorities,
  • two representatives from the French Assemblée nationale and the German Bundestag,
  • two young adults, aged from 18 to 27 as of their appointment.

Representatives of public administrations

Mrs Bettina Bundszus-Cecere, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
Alternate member: Mr Uwe Finke-Timpe, General Adviser to the Minister, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

Mr Jean-Benoît Dujol, Interministerial Delegate for Youth, Head of Youth, Adult Education and Voluntary Work
Alternate member: Mr Nicolas Peretti, Foreign Relations Office, Directorate of Youth, Adult Education and Voluntary Work 

Mrs Anne-Charlotte Dommartin, Delegate for the relation with the civil society and partnerships, delagation for the relation with the civil society and partnerships, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Alternate member: Mrs Sophie Bel, Head of Germany, Alpine and Adriatic Europe Division, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs 

Mrs Sylvia Groneick, Federal Foreign Office
Alternate member: Mr Christoph Blosen, Federal Foreign Office 

Mrs Jutta Kruthoffer-Röwekamp, Federal Ministry of Finance
Alternate member: Mrs Diana Claudia Wesche, Federal Ministry of Finance

Mr Eric Gissler, Inspector General of Finance, Ministry for the Economy and Finance
Alternate member: Mr Alain Dorison, Honorary Inspector General of Finance, ERAFP

Representatives of local authorities 

Minister Michael Piazolo,State Minstry of Bavaria for Education and Culture
Alternate member: Minister Christine Streichert-Clivot, State Minstry of Saas for Education and Culture

Mrs Elsa Schalck, Vice-president of the Regional Council of Grand Est, Member of the French Regions Association
Alternate member: Mr Yann Wehrling, Regional Councillor of Ile de France, Member of the French Regions Association 

Representations of the National Assembly and the Bundestag

Honourable Member Bruno Studer, Chairman of the Commission on Culture and Education, National Assembly
Alternate member: Honourable Member Frédéric Reiss, National Assembly 

Mr Matern von Marschall, Member of the Bundestag
Alternate member: Mrs Daniela de Ridder, Member of the Bundestag


Ms Florine Durand, youth representative
Alternate member: Mrs Jamila Mohammad, youth representative

Ms Barbara Moll, youth representative
Alternate member: Mr Marc Zander, youth representative