However, dialogue should not be limited to two states. The FGYO rather wants to achieve that the Franco-German experiences are shared with people from other countries. For this reason, the FGYO promotes trilateral encounters between young people from France, Germany and another country that belongs to one of the priority regions of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), South Eastern Europe (SEE), the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (with a focus on the Maghreb) or other European countries.

In line with the principle of subsidiarity, the FGYO works with a variety of different actors in the field of international youth work who are committed to strengthening youth participation, civic engagement, and civil society. Their projects promote cross-border understanding and help solve political and social challenges. They bring about social change through exchange and a changing perspective.

As a result, far-reaching networks have been established in the following regions:

  • Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
  • South Eastern Europe (SEE)
  • Maghreb

Four regional advisors support these networks with their expertise and contribute to deepening the encounters. They are characterized by their attachment to a German or French partner associa-tion, as well as by their excellent knowledge of and contacts with the various countries, which they have been able to develop over their years of activity in the field of international youth mobility.:

Tasks of the regional advisors:

  • They provide information about the programs and opportunities offered by the GFYO and can, if necessary, support partner organisations in submitting applications.
  • They organize partner and project pools, training sessions on specific topics or organize network meetings in cooperation with the FGYO.
  • They develop new methods and strategies for international youth exchange in cooperation with the respective regional network and the FGYO.
  • They act as a link between institutional and international actors as well as between profess-sionals and the FGYO.
  • Together with the FGYO, they ensure the quality of international youth encounters in the focal regions and promote the value and visibility of exchange work. Contributions of the responsible professionals to society thus receive greater recognition.