Are you between 18 and 30 years old and would like to rethink democracy with 30 young people from France, Germany and other European countries?

Do you live in Europe, speak English as well as French and/or German and would like to create a joint "work" on democracy?

Then apply for the “Democracy Lab",

which will take place in Berlin from May21st  to 28th 2024  and “agree to disagree“!

This Lab invites you to reflect on the values of democracy and your responsibility to live and strengthen them.

What is it all about?

Are you an apprentice, a vocational student or have just started your career? Are you able to work with wood or know how to code? You can distinguish any kind of engine just by its sound or bake six-tier cakes?

Anyway, we are excited to see what the combined skills of your group will lead to!

The result of the “Democracy Lab“ depends on what you and the others bring along. You are free to create whatever comes to your mind. Whether it's an art installation, a flash mob or a performance - you decide how you express yourselves.

Intercultural teamers and artists from various fields will support you. All the necessary material will be provided by the FGYO.

We offer you:

  • a platform to express yourselves as part of the FGYO event (e.g. stage, exhibition space, etc.) ;
  • a video of your joint work that will be shared on social networks;
  • an interactive exchange with experts on the topic of "Democracy in Europe";
  • an intercultural exchange with people from different countries and backgrounds;
  • free accommodation, meals and travel expenses
  • proof of participation for your training, work or school (if needed)

We particularly welcome applications from young apprenticies, vocational students and professionals or jobseekers.

Apply until April 22nd 2024 via our online form!

If you apply early, you have a better chance of getting a place. But don't worry: We will keep places free until the application deadline.