With this call for projects, the FGYO promotes encounters between young Europeans and reinforces youth participation in local politics. Exchanges are a magnificent way of involving adolescents and young adults in political decision-making processes and granting them the possibility to participate in social debates. Therefore, tomorrow’s generation will be able to put forward specific recommendations for action in their own communities and contribute to improving the quality of life on a local level.

What projects can be supported?

With the call for projects ‘Europe begins in your city!’ the FGYO supports projects between a German city, a French city and a third or even fourth city from one or two other European countries which

  • promote long-term involvement in political decision-making processes and the establishment of youth parliaments or groups of friends

  • advance the development of recommendations for action to strengthen municipal youth participation, representation, integration and inclusion

  • empower young people with special needs to participate in politics and social activities at a local level and within youth organisations.

Crucial selection criteria

An eligible project must address one of the following priority topics:

  • European Election 2024 - a local election at European level,

  • Local political processes, youth participation and representation,

  • Active participation in local political issues such as environmental protection and sustainability, integration, migration, social housing, transport and public transport, democratic values, freedom and human rights.

Who can apply?

A prerequisite for a successful application is the active involvement of young people in the project planning, implementation and evaluation as well as in the application process. If this is the case, the following institutions may apply:

  • Corporations under public law,

  • Non-profit bodies under private law (associations and organisations),

if there is cooperation with partners in France or Germany and at least one, maximum two other European countries.

For legal reasons, the application can only be submitted by a structure based in Germany or France.

Programme duration

  • The projects must be completed by November 2023 if possible.

  • Funding is available for subsistence expenses of up to 19 days in total.

Financial support

Each selected project between one city from Germany, France, a third and possibly a fourth city in one or two other European countries can be funded with up to 43,376 €.

To the detailed call for projects 'Europe begins in your city'

Grant application

The grant application may only be submitted by a project promoter based in Germany or France using the corresponding online form in French or in German.

Please note that the form is only available in French and German. The application must be sent exclusively via e-mail to europastaedte@dfjw.org. A preliminary programme must be attached to the application form. First-time applicants should please enclose an association statute. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Application and assessment forms:

Application form in French, in German and accounting forms

Please note that the forms are only available in French or German.

Application deadline:


Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible. Projects that have already started cannot be funded.

Contact :

Denis Neselovskyi
+33 1 40 78 18 06