Competent guidance of encounters

Studies show that all participants can make the most of their exchange if they have the benefit of educational support. The FGYO wants to make it easier for institutions to carry out exchange projects with persons with the relevant qualifications. Training for intercultural youth leadership reduces inhibitions and bolsters the motivation to implement projects. On the other hand, this training also serves the purpose of quality assurance and a successful exchange.

The FGYO offers all young adults the opportunity to complete further education or training. This way, team members can be optimally prepared for the encounters. All certified people who have completed this training can be found in the FGYO team database. In addition, the FGYO also offers courses for language encouragement and group interpreting.

Preview Une animatrice pendant une rencontre
Une animatrice pendant une rencontre
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Better prepared for your exchange

Beyond this, the FGYO also organises thematic training courses that are particularly well-suited for some projects. In the context of further education and training, there are many different areas of emphasis and questions around which interested parties can supplement what they have learned, including, for example:

  • Remembrance and peace work
  • History
  • Cultural work 
  • Sustainability
  • Mediation
Preview Participantes et participants lors d'une rencontre interculturelle
Participantes et participants lors d'une rencontre interculturelle
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"The education and training courses"

All further education and training courses are bilateral and trilateral. This gives trainees the chance to gain experiences similar to those of participants in their subsequent projects: They, too have linguistic and cultural hurdles to overcome; and they, too, must acquaint themselves with new perspectives and find ways to work together.

Incidentally: While the FGYO’s exchange projects are aimed at young people up to and including 30 years of age, offers in continuing education and training are open to all adults. The organisation would like to support the projects of all who are committed to Franco-German relations.

Preview Des participantes et participants en plein échange
Des participantes et participants en plein échange
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Focus on teachers: Creating better encounters

For teachers, the FGYO offers special opportunities in advanced training, such as online seminars or multi-day training courses. In this way, the FGYO seeks to fill a gap left open by the study of languages: The educational methodology of the encounter. Although this usually does not form part of the curriculum, it is essential for an effective and mutually beneficial exchange experience.


Get started right away: Discover tools among the FGYO resources

When it comes to resources, the FGYO has concrete assistance to offer. Along with some theoretical basics, interested parties will find plenty of tools and methods that they can use for their exchange project.

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Des participantes et participants lors d'un atelier
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