After all, language is a medium for culture and a means of communication. If people seek to get to know and understand one another, they need to find a language in common. Overcoming language barriers in an effort to promote contact and arouse curiosity is thus a central component of our mobility programmes.

The FGYO offers:

  • Language encouragement with FranceMobil and 
  • Subsidies for language courses
  • Language development prior to an exchange
  • Tele-tandem for school-based exchange projects
  • The PARKUR platform for interns

Playful contact awakens curiosity

The FGYO promotes language learning in different ways and at different times. Offers such as the deutsch-französische Kinderkiste for children between the ages of 3 and 6, or language courses, give pre-school and primary-school-age children an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the French language in a playful way. 

The aim of language encouragement is to create positive inspiration and to tap into the potential of children’s spontaneity. Carefree and early access to another language keep reservations and fears about language learning from occurring in the first place. Programmes such as FranceMobil/ contribute to this as well by offering pupils their first playful access to the neighbouring country’s language. And even later on, language encouragement makes it easier for adolescents and adults to connect with people from other linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Preview Deux enfants jouent avec la valisette franco-allemande
Deux enfants jouent avec la valisette franco-allemande
© Prisca Martaguet

Language acquisition as a basis for successful exchange

The FGYO promotes language acquisition both through in-school and extracurricular projects. It pays special attention to preparing and monitoring exchange projects, as these provide the most effective way to promote dialogue. We intend to create authentic language situations that are context-based and realistic. The aim is not for participants to read up on grammar but to engage in communication.

This is made possible not least through tandem language courses. On the one hand, the FGYO promotes language courses such as these in the context of exchange projects. On the other hand, young people can also learn from and with each other on the Tele-Tandem and PARKUR platforms.

Preview Jugendliche bei einem Sprachkurs
Jugendliche bei einem Sprachkurs
© Amelie Losier