Reflection through the educational methodology of the encounter

Intercultural learning calls for moments of reflection: What challenges arose during the encounter with other people, and what were the reasons for this? What can participants learn from this? The insights gained through this reflection make understanding possible. This reflection is often particularly successful when initiated by third parties. 

That is why the FGYO promotes intercultural learning, not only through exchange programmes but also through the educational training of the contributors. When given appropriate guidance, young people can reflect and learn much more effectively: about others, but about themselves as well.

Preview Séminaire du réseau des Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs OFAJ
Séminaire du réseau des Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs de l'OFAJ
© Boris Bocheinski

How intercultural learning works even better

As part of its effort to promote intercultural learning through every encounter, the FGYO seeks to find out how these reflections come about – and how they can have lasting effects. To achieve this, the FGYO evaluates exchange projects and identifies methods that are particularly helpful in promoting participants’ understanding of one another. The FGYO draws on these observations to improve existing tools and exchange formats. 

The FGYO is also mindful of evolving societies, which today are much more heterogeneous than when the FGYO was founded. That is why our programmes include a strong focus on learning in an intercultural society and promote the cultural diversity of today’s young people.

Preview Participants au forum "Jugend bewegt"
Participants au forum "Jugend bewegt"
© Oliver Dietze