The network has dedicated itself to Franco-German relations since 2009 and

  • provides information about the FGYO’s mobility programmes and offers,
  • conducts campaigns of its own,
  • advises the FGYO and its partners and
  • works with the FGYO to develop ideas and concepts for future projects.

Thanks to young people’s dedication, the FGYO can intensify the dialogue with its audience and reach new target groups throughout Germany and France.

Preview Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs OFAJ
Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs OFAJ
© Boris Bocheinski
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Les Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs façonnent l'avenir !

J4Future est le site web dédié aux projets des Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs OFAJ.

The network currently consists of around 100 people between the ages of 16 and 30 who are in very different stages of their lives and careers. The FGYO Younh Ambassadors are happy to help you inspire other young people to become involved in intercultural encounters:

  • Would you also like to organise a Franco-German project?
  • Or perhaps even launch a joint initiative with our Young Ambassadors?
  • Invite them to a conference, an information event or to your university or school?
Preview seminaire-jao-2023-blois.jpg
photo de groupe de la promotion 2023/2024 des Jeunes Ambassadrices et Ambassadeurs OFAJ
© Boris Bocheinski

Would you like to get in touch with our Young Ambassadors?

If you consult the interactive map, you will find all of the network members and can contact them directly. Alternatively, you can also download the list of FGYO Young Ambassadors.