The partners

The FGYO works with a broad landscape of sponsors. There are some 8,000 partners that help it carry out its mission. The partners come from a wide variety of areas; they embody a wide range of career and life experience, yet they also have much in common: They are all committed to young people and their participation, and to Franco-German friendship, peace, democracy and intercultural exchange. And: They are all experts in their respective fields such as sports, culture or vocational training. As actors in schools, universities, clubs, associations, organisations or institutions, they enrich the offer of the FGYO by developing new projects that are precisely tailored to the needs of the participants.

This cooperation is rooted in the principle of subsidiarity: The FGYO receives funds from the German and French governments, and with this support it enables its partners to carry out projects.

Preview Partners exchange ideas at a network meeting
Partners exchange ideas at a network meeting
© Miguel Ferraz Araújo

Partner networks: Key pillars of collaboration

The FGYO has also established networks of partners. In these networks, dedicated partner organisations come together to share views on the chosen focus and to network with each other. To this end, the FGYO organises network meetings on a regular basis. These meetings give partners an opportunity to get (better) acquainted with each other, and to deepen their cooperation.

The current networks include, among others:

  • FGYO Junior Ambassadors
  • FranceMobil/
  • FGYO info points
  • Working with a partner
  • Educational staff
  • Diversity and participation (multiple networks)
  • Country representatives
  • Exchange and foreign-language experts
  • Student unions / CNOUS
  • Regional advisers for trilateral programmes.
Preview FGYO-partners at a workshop
FGYO-partners at a workshop
© Valentin Popa

The networks contribute towards organising landscapes of sponsors

The networks contribute towards organising landscapes of sponsors. They also assist the FGYO with its work at the state and regional levels. Often, the partners are very active regionally; this promotes awareness of the FGYO, along with networking and information-sharing.


Preview Young people together during a meeting
Young people together during a meeting
© Franz Josef