Twin City Partnerships

Did you know that there are more than 2200 twin city partnerships between cities in France and Germany? The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) funds group exchanges that bring together participants from three countries.


Experience the Franco-German twin city partnership and participate in an international youth exchange program.

During your stay abroad, you experience life in France and Germany first hand. You will have the chance to stay with a host family while experiencing life like they do every day.

Together with your peers from France and Germany, you will participate in many exciting activities. These can be related to environmental protection, the history and future of Europe or the importance of civil society for example. You can discuss social issues, learn more about both German and French history and about the process of historical reconciliation between both countries and compare working and living conditions.

Most of the twin city partnerships were established after the Second World War to foster new friendships. Today these partnerships are the firm foundation upon which Franco-German relations are built and serve to further develop and establish creative, cultural, economic and social projects in an ever more unified European context. 

A twin city exchange is a unique opportunity to learn more about France, Germany and the foundations of civil society while meeting new friends and participating in fun projects and activities. 

Meet young people from France and Germany
Young people under 31 (6 - 30 years)
1.8.2018 - 1.8.2019, Germany
1.8.2018 - 1.8.2019, France
Duration of the program
< 4 weeks
Topics that interest me
Intercultural training, Other, Culture, Democracy, Ecology, Europe, Fight against group-focused enmity
Registration details

Advantages of the program

Personal relevance

During the exchange, you will get to know your peers and their way of life. This is the most fun way to get actively involved in the European cooperation.

Exciting charitable projects

The work on your project will not only be fun, but also useful in a civil society context. You can contribute to improving living conditions and quality of life by sharing your ideas and experiences with pears from other countries.

Make a commitment to Europe

France and Germany are at the heart of Europe, so your participation in a twin city or region exchange project contributes to the further unification of European society.

How to sign up

The registration procedure depends on individual organizers.

If you do not have a twin city in either France or Germany yet, take a look at the database for twin city partnerships from the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR). They can also help you to arrange appropriate partnerships with cities in France or Germany.

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