Right from the outset, the Mediterranean has been a space for exchange and intercultural dialogue. Projects carried out with the countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean offer adolescents and young adults a framework in which they can develop a Euro-Mediterranean awareness. At the same time, the encounters sponsored by the FGYO examine issues of foreign policy – such as democracy and human rights, environmental protection and climate justice, the rule of law and pluralism. 
In addition to civil-society engagement, in its interactions with partners and participants from the Mediterranean region, the FGYO attaches particular importance to the sharing of methods, educational tools and common intercultural experiences.

""Subsidies and benefits"

The FGYO supports trilateral projects with the following Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Algeria, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey and Tunisia

Trilateral encounters are designed to contribute towards a better understanding of other cultures as well as one’s own. The FGYO and its partners tailor these programmes to the situation in participating project countries. Participants can then apply the knowledge they have gained to politics, on the job, in their private lives or on behalf of their civic engagement. The aim is to initiate processes of democratisation and to promote these in the long term. 

Preview Jeunes lors d'une rencontre trinationale
Jeunes lors d'une rencontre trinationale

Maghreb Special Fund: Empowering young people on the ground

The FGYO maintains relations with a host of different stakeholders and partners from the Maghreb countries. The aim is to engage in exchange and regular cooperation in the field of youth encounters in the region. With this in mind, the FGYO organises events and supports its partners through networking.

All trilateral exchanges with the countries of the Maghreb are designed to pursue a project idea and address topics of relevance for foreign policy. These topics might include the empowerment of civil society, participation by young people, employability, democracy and human rights, the promotion of equal opportunities, migration or environmental protection. The substance of the encounters must meet the requirements of the Maghreb Special Fund of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and it must be in accordance with the Guidelines of the FGYO. 

Preview Participantes et participants à la conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
Participantes et participants à la conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
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"The topics"

The following topics are decisive for funding through the Maghreb Special Fund in 2023: 

  1. Strengthening young people’s engagement in civil society and Euro-Mediterranean town twinning
  2. Human rights and gender equality
  3. Vocational training, innovation and social entrepreneurship
  4. Food security, environmental protection and sustainable development
  5. Shared values, debates around remembrance and cultural heritage

For additional information, you may consult the reports of the 2016 and 2018 conferences with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, as well as the list of programmes funded in 2024.

Preview Panneau d'informations OFAJ lors de la conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
Panneau d'informations OFAJ lors de la conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
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Study on trilateral programmes with the Maghreb

The FGYO has drawn up an extensive study based on some 200 funded exchange projects. You will find the summary of the study here. The document is also available in French and Arabic.

Preview Conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
Conférence du Maghreb à Tunis
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