Training Courses for Teachers

Are you a teacher who would like to organize an international school exchange or revitalize an existing partnership with partner schools in France and Germany?


The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) offers training courses for teachers in order to support you.

In order to prepare your project fully, you can participate in one of the courses for teachers offered by the FGYO and its partner organizations.

Use this opportunity to meet other teachers from France and Germany and engage in a useful exchange of ideas and experiences while learning about specific teaching methods to support your students in developing intercultural skills. You will also have the chance to simulate various situations of an international youth exchange with your colleagues. 

Whether you want to accompany students while participating in individual exchange programs, supervise young apprentices during a professional exchange project, implement a trilateral meeting on the occasion of a collaborative project or initiate a virtual exchange, the FGYO offers you a wide range of possibilities for support in learning about appropriate teaching methods and teaching qualifications help the development of intercultural skills. 

If you haven’t decided yet which teacher training course to choose or you can’t attend one of our classroom-based courses for teachers, you can also participate in one of our webinars on the FGYO Online Academy.

Participate in intercultural training
1.11.2017 - 1.11.2018, Germany (in progress)
Duration of the program
< 3 weeks
Topics that interest me
Intercultural training, Culture, Democracy, Europe, History & memory
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Advantages of the program

Exchange ideas and experiences with teachers from partner countries

Share your pedagogical experiences in an international context with your colleagues from France and Germany.

Benefit from practically-oriented professional training

While taking part in an exchange yourself, during our international teacher training courses, you can experience first-hand what the exchange students you will accompany and supervise experience during their exchange programs.

Discover new teaching tools

You can discover new teaching tools that will help you in motivating your students during an international exchange, as well as in setting the right incentives for the development of intercultural skills to further deepen international cooperation on a personal level.

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