Intensifying the exchange experience

The FGYO is aware that organising a reciprocal exchange is much more difficult than arranging a simple visit to the other country. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for a reciprocal visit:

Reciprocity is a basis on which exchange partners can encounter one another on an equal footing. It provides the partners with similar experiences and a similar level of engagement: Sometimes as travellers and visitors, and sometimes as hosts and programme creators.

The change in perspective makes a significant contribution towards deeper mutual understanding. Young people can better understand the challenges faced by visiting participants and hosts alike. And no later than the time of the ‘return visit", it is much easier to empathise with the other party and gain a better sense of the needs, behaviour and experiences involved.

The opportunity to experience another country is also an important part of the mobility experience. The distance, the differences in culture, communicating in another language – in emotional and practical terms, all of this can only be experienced  on location.

The experience abroad facilitates the change in perspective and young people’s personal development as well. It encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone, gain independence and experience self-efficacy.

Preview Participantes au programme Voltaire
Participantes au programme Voltaire
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