Many people know that the FGYO was founded in 1963 by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer. But what is going on behind the scenes? How many young people participate in the different programs? And what is the subsidiary principle? Here, you will find out:

  • If you want to know what the FGYO is and what it does, then our page “the institution” is for you.
  • In the organizational chart, you can get to know the FGYO’s departments and staff.
  • If you are interested in statistics, check out the key figures.
  • The network map will show you where our partners are located. And of course explain the different networks.
  • The FGYO is not just franco-german. In trilateral programs, it works with partners from many other countries from Europe, its eastern neighbors as well as on the Mediterranean to bring young people closer to the diversity of this world.
  • There is also a scientific perspective to youth exchanges. Thanks to the unit “Research and evaluation”, research projects tackle civil society issues concerning youth in wider Europe while addressing the educational tools and formats created by the FGYO.
  • Thanks to our partner directory, you can find partners to start your own program.
  • On our resources page are listed all of the FGYO’s publications. Whether you are looking for a program brochure, a research publication, a press release, application forms   or educational material, we have you covered.
  • Any more questions? Our FAQ has all the answers.