The FGYO is managed by a Governing Board, assisted by a Steering Committee that draws up opinions and recommendations on the organization’s policy directions and programs.

The General Secretariat is comprised of two General Secretaries and is the Governing Board’s executive arm. Since April 2019, the FGYO has been headed by Tobias Bütow. The nomination of the French Secretary General will be announced shortly.


Subsidiarity and partnerships: The FGYO allocates a budget to third-party organizations for them to conduct programs and partnerships in line with its stated purpose. It is the driving force that coordinates networks, connects organizations and people, designs and develops educational, intercultural and linguistic tools that keep its action current and pertinent over the long term.

Our commitments

Mobility for all

The FGYO is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to take advantage of mobility, regardless of his or her geographic origin or sociocultural background. What mobility brings:

  • an open outlook on the world
  • self-acceptance and tolerance of others
  • personal, linguistic and professional enrichment.

For young people, by young people

The FGYO develops programs that are inspired by young people and which they sometimes carry out themselves: participatory formats such as the BarCamp or the Young Ambassadors network are examples. Youth representatives also sit in FGYO bodies.

Extending our reach beyond the EU’s borders

Many of our programs are accessible to Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), South-East European Countries (SEEC) and Mediterranean rim countries.

Innovating to inspire

A number of organizations have been set up thanks to FGYO’s initiative, including the German-Polish Youth Office in 1991 and the German-Greek Youth Office in 2014. In 2016, a Regional Youth Cooperation Office was set up for young people in the Western Balkans.

Encouraging language learning

Learning to speak a neighboring country’s language is not just about mastering a foreign language: it is, more importantly, about understanding its history, culture and codes. The FGYO provides a wide range of programs and tools to generate interest, raise awareness and help master French or German.

Innovative, certified learning methods and courses

The FGYO has developed a language training method that uses simulation exercises and role play to facilitate communication between participants who don’t speak the same language. This recognized method can be taught to would-be language facilitators to help them achieve certification.